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Rigging, though not easily understood, is a very important part of animation. Our company possesses the expertise to use the right rigging techniques and enable drawings to be converted into phenomenal animations. Due to the experience our 3D rigging experts have in working with character creators and animators, they develop apt controlling points which allow the animation development process to be easy, precise and proficient. Our rigging service, being widely used by our in-house and client side animators, has helped us win the trust of many organizations in India, USA, the Middle East and Europe. Whether it is simple rigging that you want or a complex one, we scrupulously analyze your needs and deliver rigging services that fall right into your time and budget constraints.

Our company thrives on having long term clients. Our reliable services and trustable approach will make you come back to us time and again. Along with this, we carry very high standards when it comes to output quality and working style. With us, you are always well supported and our rigging services encompass unique elements which facilitate you in multiple ways.

Here are some of the highlighting features of the 3D rigging that we do:

Well planned

We believe that we can provide you the best rigging output only if we have a good plan in hand. That's the reason our team spends a lot of time understanding and assimilating your requirements. We then come up with a plan to rig your character in a way in which the animator has the maximum flexibility. We provide options to incorporate a wide range of motions, complex poses, intricate movements and extreme bends, thus giving enough space for the animator to work on.

Accurate joint and control layout

The central purpose of a rig, so to say, is to give the strings for the animator to control the character and add life to it. To meet this, we use the latest rigging tool sets and create perfect joints. Our superior techniques make it possible for us to give you well coordinated control layout and rig hierarchy that help in better managing the character-to-animation conversion.

Believable output

At Vee Create, our aim is to not just complete our projects but to deliver extraordinary outcomes. This is why we work relentlessly to create rigs that are well polished and designed to make the character and subsequent animation believable. With a keen eye for details, we incorporate techniques related to skinning, volume preservation, muscle mass creation, deformation, etc., to make the rigs have the potential of delivering realistic animations.

With the right blend of automated creations and manual designing, we bring to you rigging services that are detail oriented, well thought through. and customized to suit your animation needs. We collaborate with your animators to deliver best outputs; we also have in-house animators who readily take our rigs and convert it to fabulous animations. In either case, our global rigging services suit you the best.

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