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Our e-Learning Solutions

E-Learning solutions have simplified the way the teaching and training fields operate. With our novel and customized e-Learning services, you get to have the best technique to impart knowledge in an uninterrupted manner. Being e-learning service providers on a global platform, we amalgamate a sound technology backdrop and the right multimedia to render you the perfect learning modules.

Our e-Learning Solutions cater to many industries. The range of services we provide are inclusive of and not restricted to:

Aerospace and Defense e-Learning Solutions

We understand the criticality of trainings in the areas of aerospace and defense. That is the reason our company creates e-Learning services that educate, train, and even simulate the lessons in order to give the participants a well-rounded learning experience.

Automotive e-Learning Solutions

The automotive industry thrives on hierarchy-based operations, and thus our automotive e-Learning services aim to provide trainings on complex processes. We adapt our designs as per what your companies require and the audience who will participate in the training. We finally deliver a great e-Learning package that facilitates effective trainings, inductions and instructive demos.

Heavy Engineering e-learning Solutions

Heavy engineering companies need to accommodate new ideas, come up with action plans, and learn new designs very often. We therefore put forward the perfect blend of different multimedia elements in our e-Learning modules to create a comfortable medium for the participants to understand the intricate equipment operations or processes quickly and easily.

Industrial Products e-Learning Solutions

Product trainings hosted by industries are multifaceted as they include aspects like usage instructions, compliance policies, safety measures, and of course the working methodology. Our e-Learning services for such a company consequently focuses on tailor-made designs, progressive modules, and the best use of technology.

What we offer you

Our comprehensive e-Learning services are specifically designed to match your learning needs. We interact with you continually to build e-learning modules that meet up to your company standards and add value to the learning process of your participants. Being expert providers of e-Learning services, we have a good grasp over international standards and keep in mind the local influences a training program can bear. This enables us to give you a rightly balanced e-learning solution.

The benefits we offer you:

  • Our e-learning services are cost effective
  • We use customized themes, colors and backgrounds
  • Our e-Learning user interfaces are simple
  • We design top class CBTs (Computer Based Training) and WBTs (Web Based Training)
  • You can get text driven, interactive or multimedia based e-Learning solutions
  • We specialize in the creation of an entirely customized & simulation based e-learning
  • Our solutions have a rich usage of multimedia
  • You can also get highly interactive and responsive e-Learning components
  • Our solutions support both instructor-led and self-paced study sessions

Additionally, we design online assignments, tests and quiz based e-Learning packages that keep your participants engrossed, interested and pushes them to heighten their learning curve.

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