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Vee Create's unique approach to interactive virtual reality animation has led to the creation of many innovative and exciting projects. With the help of a virtual reality environment, we open up an exciting new world of possibilities. When there is a visual story to tell, our experienced team of talented artists, by responding to the user's actions, deliver the most engaging content in the form of text, graphics, animation, video, audio, games, etc. Meticulously, our artists develop scenes, objects, effects, sounds, colors, textures, create animations and render for high quality 3D images and virtual reality solutions.

From simple scribbles to sketches, from ideas that still lie in the engineer's head to adequately designed CAD plans, we will deliver near perfect real time virtual reality solutions packed with impact and 'wow factor' to take your marketing campaign to new heights.


  • Aerospace, automotive, heavy engineering and industrial products- Training videos, product explainer movies
  • Creating walk-throughs of machines for the above mentioned verticals.
  • Visualization of architecture
  • Creating prototype models of products and machines
  • Simulation, e.g. flight and driving simulators
  • Collaboration of distributed teams, e.g., in a virtual boardroom
  • Navigation devices for military and emergency services (portable / wearable systems displaying instructions, maps, enemy locations, fire cells, etc.)
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