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Our experienced team of engineers conducts Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) service for many of our customers today who want to study the effects of fluid flows and their reactions under various operating conditions. While performing this for our customers, we use computer modeling and simulation to improve the understanding of the products they design and produce.

Our CFD studies provide customers with insight into the system design, ability to apply different pressures, temperatures, and other operating conditions. We also look for performance and efficiency gains while conducting various case studies.

Some of the studies performed by our team include:

  • Steady and non-steady state
  • Heat transfer and thermal modelling
  • Mechanical movement
  • Stresses or deformation of related solid structures
  • Rotating equipment and fluid dynamics

Our team brings to our customers qualified engineering resources with years of experience to investigate. They also provide recommendations to resolve flow analysis problems encountered by our customers.

We support our customers throughout the USA, Europe, India and the Middle East in performing design analysis services.

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