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Vee Create supports many companies and industries throughout the world including the consumer industry. Our consumer industry engineering services offer design and manufacturing support for companies supply products like home appliances, medical devices, gaming & toys, waste management equipment, containers, recreational devices, and irrigational/landscape equipment. Our design engineering team considers all the vital aspects of the product being designed, and uses our innovative, process driven, and high quality design processes to supply these services to our customers.

Our Specialities

We serve the consumer industry with advanced designs, and we also provide manufacturing support. Here is why you need to choose our services,

Cost effective solutions

Starting from our games & toys to irrigational/landscape equipment, our consumer industry services are structured to reduce your design, product production, assembly and manufacturing process timelines and costs. You can be assured that our services are at the best market price, and we recommend design ideas that will lower your product development costs and production costs.

Use of creative concepts

We offer fully customised designs of multiple products, and we partner with trusted vendors to provide manufacturing of your products. Additionally, we use creative concepts to make your product unique and attractive in the consumer industry.

Detailed designing

Our detail engineering service takes 3D models and creates 2D drawings that are used for production or downstream processing. Our team also creates and updates existing 2D documentation and performs the work necessary to have the drawings useful to downstream processing or general use of the documentation. This service is provided to our customers which enables them to work efficiently and reduce this workload from valuable engineering resources. Our engineering team will use your standard templates, drawing requirements and numbering schemes or our own if our customers would prefer.

Time saving approaches

Through our years of designing products in the consumer industry we are very cost effective when working in this industry. We understand budgets, schedules and tight profit margins required to support his industry.

Reusable designs

Regardless of what part of the world your company is located, our design approach uses baseline designs that enables our customers to reuse for other product families or facilities you might manufacture in. This approach has helped our customers save money, reduce design time and have a consist approach to the design of their products.

Consumer Industry Services we provide

We serve the consumer industry with design and manufacture support in the following areas.

  • Home Appliances
  • Medical Devices
  • Gaming & Toys
  • Containers
  • Irrigation/Landscape Equipment
  • Recreational Devices
  • Waste Management Equipment

Given our experience, we provide designs for all types of products, and we customize our services to fit your schedule, budget, and design specifications. Our engineering team uses intelligent design and manufacturing approaches, processes and physical components. In the end, your product will be exceptional, and provide an edge over your competitors in the consumer industry.

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