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Being the experts of the electrical design and development domain, we are well aware of the competence and thoroughness that is required for printed circuit board (PCB) design and development. With our attention to detail and world-class technical skills, we create designs that produce premium quality printed circuit boards. Our PCB designs are derived out of systematic analysis of requirements, leveraging our experience and specialized design techniques that only a company which has extensive experience can offer.

Some of the technologies our designers support are:

  • Digital and Analog circuits
  • RF Signals
  • Embedded Systems

Below is a sample of some of the components our team has worked with:

ARM Processors/Microcontrollers/DSPs (32/64 bit)

  • TI (TM4x/MSPx/TMSx series)
  • Microchip (PIC24x series)


  • Xilinx Spartan 3/6
  • Xilinx CoolRunner series

Communications (Ethernet,RS422/485,CAN, etc.)

  • Microchip
  • Maxim
  • TI
  • Linear

Our deliverables to our customers include:

  • Electrical Requirements Specification
  • All Electrical Schematics
  • Mechanical Assembly/Subassembly drawings (if any required)
  • Complete Parts Lists including all vendors selected and reference designators relating back to schematics
  • Complete PWB Layout documentation including:
    • Assembly drawing detailing dimensions, materials used, PWB layers, plating, any special requirements on specific traces, etc.
    • PWB drill drawing
    • PWB net list
    • Gerber files
    • Top/Bottom markings
    • Pick and Place files for fabrication
    • Bill of Material

Our Methodology

Vee Create, with its ISO9001 certified design processes ensures that your circuit board development project is executed in accordance to your requirements, deadlines and budgets. Unlike many other companies in the market, we ensure that we provide you with a comprehensive design service that is based on the usage of high-end technologies and engineers that have the experience to address your specific needs.

Our circuit board development methodology is shaped to meet your organizational needs through the use of:

  • Experts that diligently understand you requirements, analyze it thoroughly, and develop a requirements document that we mutually agree on prior to starting the design. This ensures the requirements are captured thus producing a design that matches your requirements.
  • Our design engineers will use commercially available tools in order to produce the design with Cadence Design Suite being our preferred tool.
  • Our design process includes interaction with our customers by the use of technical interchange meetings, preliminary design and critical design reviews.
  • During the design process careful consideration will be given to component selection, mechanical form, fit and function, manufacturing and test of the PCB design.

The core of our business model is to have an enduring and long term working relationship with our customers. With this intent, we make sure that our circuit board development is not just a project, but rather a solution that provides the foundation for a long term design service relationship.

What makes us the best?

Our experience, industry knowledge and client-engagement processes makes our circuit board design services beneficial to our customers through efficient designs, reduced cost of design, and improved schedules.

Here is what makes us design leaders in the global market place,

  • Profound experience with various electrical board designs
  • Strong team of highly skilled engineering professionals
  • Stringent adherence to requirements and our design processes
  • Technically robust solutions that takes into consideration manufacturing and test

Vee Create supports circuit board development throughout the world.

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