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Vee Create through the use of high skilled and experienced engineers that support the Heavy Engineering Industry. We provide these engineering services across a broad range of industries tailored to fit your requirements. We engage our customers from conceptual design through implementation by using start of the art design tools and certified processes. Our team works with customers in the area of special purpose machines, steel marine, oil and gas, and highway equipment.

Our heavy engineering services entail the following tasks:

Feasibility studies

Our engineering team will start with a feasibility study on your project. The feasibility study is conducted to ensure the project is technically feasible, within budgets and estimated cost. We will also look at potential profits as the design evolves.

3D modeling

We are experts in the development of 3D models. We can help you create, evaluate and validate your designs successfully. Our designing strategies and modeling quality will help you create superior equipment used in the Heavy Engineering industry. These models become the basis for implementation of the detailing drawings required to support the manufacturing of your equipment.

Finite Element Analysis

We make use of 3D CAD models, analysis software and theoretical deductions to conduct Finite Element Analysis on your designs or products. Due to the high technical competence we have, we expose your product to various virtual operating conditions to observe how it behaves in both normal, stressed and regression scenarios. This provides you with a robust designs and potential failure modes within your product.

Value Engineering Services

Our experienced team will provide value engineering services. These services analyse the materials, number of materials, manufacturability, weights, and costs of any given project. Our team will then make recommendations on design improvements in order for our customers to fully benefit from these services.

Types of Heavy Engineering Services we offer

Below is a summary of the types of Heavy Engineering Services we offer :

  • Off highway vehicles
  • Earth moving equipment
  • Marine equipment
  • Steel plant equipment
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Special purpose machines
  • Structures and cabins
  • Exhaust system
  • Electrical Harness

Irrespective of what heavy engineering domain you service we can assist with the development and implementation of your products.

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