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Our experienced team of engineers brings to you the most robust, efficient, and cost effective engineered fixture designs. The methodology that we follow to engineer jigs and fixture are based out of our experience, innovative strategies and latest technologies in the industry.

Features of our Fixture Engineering services:

  • Thoroughly analyzed solutions based on the complexity or simplicity of your requirements
  • A certified design process with customer interaction throughout the process
  • Designs that take into consideration
    • Product Handling
    • Product interchangeability
    • Reduced touch time/setup
    • Operator interactions
    • Safety
    • Improved Quality
    • Product throughput requirements (manual/automated)
    • Ergonomics
    • Cost considerations

Below is a brief summary of the types of fixtures we design

  • Plate fixtures
  • Angle plate fixtures
  • Vise jaw fixtures
  • Indexing fixtures
  • Multipart fixtures
  • Assembly Fixture
  • Welding Fixture
  • Drilling Fixture
  • Milling Fixture
  • Inspection Fixture
  • Custom Fixtures

Our Fixture engineering services use the latest in design technologies and processes. We offer our customers the ability to 3D print fixtures prior to finalization of the design. This provides our customers with a low cost method to ensure that the design form, fit and function is right for their product requirements.

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