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At Vee Create, we bring the value back into your Legacy Data. Is your company struggling with designs and manufacturing drawings that are frozen? Your engineering team does not have the time or experience to bring them to a level in which they are relevant and useful? At Vee Create, our engineering team can take pictures, sketches, old drawings, outdated models and convert them into useable documents that will improve manufacturability and sustain the product for many years.

Regardless of the condition of your information, Vee Create will take that information and provide our customers with electronic media that is current and relevant to their product. This enables customers to electronically demonstrate the product, make changes or revisions, and produce technical publications and other activities that are important to the maintenance and longevity of their products.

Our engineering team uses state of the art tools including 3D modelling, 2D detailing and Bill of Material creation to convert your legacy data.

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