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Packaging Solutions

Vee Create is a proud partner in the design of innovative packaging solutions for companies that manufacture, use and/or handle components. Our designs are implemented throughout the USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific and India.

Vee Create has a dedicated and experienced engineering team supporting Returnable Packaging Solution providers since 2007 on various products and industries. Our processes include should costing, design, drawings, prototyping and large production runs. Our team possesses a rich library of CAD standards and packaging standards and has comprehensive knowledge of requirements from the USA, Europe, Asia and India.

Vee Create's Packaging engineers combine a variety of material and process knowledge ranging from textiles - molded plastics - coated foams - intricate LASER and formed steel profiles. Our team works with customers supporting projects that involve steel bins, bulk containers, molded pallets, hand-held totes, thermoformed trays, plastic corrugated totes, etc.

Support is further extended towards prototyping and mass production with manufacturing drawings and operator instructions.

Quick turnaround time and ready to LASER process structure has resulted in increasing customer profitability. Overall cycle time from concept to manufacturing is reduced by 35%.

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